Question Time: Are recent changes in Teams indicative of it becoming more than an Inner Loop collaboration app?


Teams is my favourite application within Office 365. Like the IT Pros in our panel today, it is a subject I’m very passionate about. As a hub for team collaboration it integrates people, content and tools to make the Team more engaged and effective. It has been a runaway success. Since it’s introduction it has been the fastest growing app in Microsoft history. Back at Ignite 2018 we saw the numbers – 329,000 organisations using it (over 400,000 at the time of writing), 87 Fortune 500 companies and 54 companies with more than 10,000 active users (Microsoft, 2018). Yet it is also a young application and as such it is still evolving rapidly. Whilst positioned as an Inner Loop collaboration app, by introducing features such as the 5000 user limit or (soon to be) Private Channels, we ask – is it evolving into something different from it’s original design and…

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Private Channels, this weeks sum up!

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted my blog post "Why private channels in Microsoft Teams are overrated!"  You can find it here: Since then there has been several other blogposts about this subject and I feel the need to revisit this matter 🙂 I still have the same opinion as before. … Continue reading Private Channels, this weeks sum up!

Why private channels in Microsoft Teams is overrated!

By the name of this blogpost I’ve probably added myself to a few hate lists already! But I still stand my ground, and I’m going to explain why. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about this is a quick recap: When you create a team in Microsoft teams, you can logically … Continue reading Why private channels in Microsoft Teams is overrated!

European Teams User Group

27/1 2019 Me @deltanr1 and Chris Hoard ( @Microsoft365Pro ) announced the "European Teams User Group" Everyone is invited to join us! Follow us on twitter: @EuroTeamsUG for upcoming meetings! Contact: Also make sure to read my partner in crime, Chris Hoards blogpost about this group: Teams: Introducing the European Teams User Group / Adam

5 common mistakes in a Office 365 roll-out

In my days as a cloud consultant, I’ve seen and heard of a lot of implementations of Office 365. The conclusion is that many implementations weren’t really successful looking back at them. There is often no single factor responsible for this but rather several which I will list and talk about in this blogpost. These … Continue reading 5 common mistakes in a Office 365 roll-out

Microsoft Whiteboard Preview – Collaboration with a Surface Hub

  Thought it was time to try out Microsoft's new Whiteboard app which is available in preview on Windows 10 (SurfaceHub included). According to Microsoft this will sooner or later replace the built-in whiteboard app on SurfaceHub, which is limited to sharing and collaborating only with other hubs. It is also supported to run both … Continue reading Microsoft Whiteboard Preview – Collaboration with a Surface Hub